Nikau Massage and Therapy

Claire Taylor Stoke, Nelson

Feel nurtured with a relaxing and healing Holistic therapy.


I tailor each therapy session to suit each person, and can use any combination of massage, deep tissue work, Holistic Pulsing or energy work. 



Holistic Massage aims to produce a state of deep relaxation where the whole person benefits and stress is reduced.  


Holistic Massage therapy mainly uses Swedish Massage techniques and can include deeper tissue massage to work on areas of tension.  



I find that a pulsing type movement combined with  massage can help release knots and tension. I also usually start and end each session with some Holistic Pulsing. This helps people to reconnect with their body, relax and gain the full benefit of the massage. 



Allow yourself to be pampered, or treat someone else with a gift voucher.

I also offer full Holistic Pulsing (body rocking) sessions to promote relaxation and provide stress release. Holistic Pulsing is a gentle rocking, swinging or massage pulse of the body, legs, arms and head and is deeply nurturing. It offers most of the benefits of a massage and is delivered with the client fully clothed on a massage table.  You really need to try it to know what its all about!


I also offer Reiki (energy) sessions to aid healing and relaxation.  


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  • NZQA L3 Holistic Massage Therapy 
  • Holistic Health Training L5 Deep Tissue & Remedial Massage Therapy Techniques
  • Holistic Pulsing Module 2 NZQA L5
  • Reiki Master / Teacher
  • MSc Environmental Science

"Claire has great technique and a magic touch.  I thoroughly recommend her"