"Claire's massage left me feeling both relaxed and refreshed, with a few 'kinks' ironed out! She gathered relevant information before starting and has great technique and a magic touch.  I thoroughly recommend her."  Sarah Callow, Nelson (February 2017)


" I find Claire's Therapeutic Massages very beneficial in relaxing my tense and knotty muscles due to stress, tension and anxiety - which she has focused on.  The result has given me less tension headaches and a general sense of well-being.  I have been going to Claire for regular massages since September 2015".  Ruth, Stoke (February 2017)


"During my Nelson visit recently I was delighted to be able to add to my holiday relaxation by receiving a 1 hour holistic massage from Claire Taylor. This included Holistic pulsing which was a welcome addition to my massage experience. Claire has a confident touch, she introduced to me a numbered pressure scale which allowed me to have some typically 

knotty areas of muscle worked on quite deeply and firmly, resulting in a much needed release of tension. whilst going more lightly on previously injured vulnerable parts of my neck & back. I really benefited from Claire's holistic approach which is very nurturing, my only disappointment is that I live so far away in Whangarei! Thanks Claire".

Gail Wynyard, Whangarei (February 2017)

Reviews on Facebook:

"I have benefited greatly from Claire's magic hands - whether for Massage, Reiki, Holistic Pulsing or a combination of all three. My body and mind always feel soothed, and I leave feeling renewed. Cannot recommend her highly enough!" Hilary Kirby (July 2017)


"Claire is a loving and intuitive healer. I loved my session that combined Reiki, massage and pulsing- wow, it was bliss and I'm pretty sure I drooled a little!" -Lisa Allan (July 2017)


"Claire delivers a powerful massage, combining her intuition and massage knowledge, enabling her to locate precisely, release, soothe the tension areas within my aching muscles. With the utmost professional and caring nature, I was at complete ease in Claire's 'hands'. Thank you Claire, ka kite ano!" Debra Sturm (September 2017)


Reiki student review:

"Thanks for your training. I love how you set up and offer a safe place within your home to teach from. Crystals are always with me so I love their inclusion.  I also enjoy being in a small group which gives us time to check in and share our experiences. A wholefood lunch & tea is ideal to ground and keep us light for receiving energy. I think you have explained reiki enough for us to understand and the notes & referrals for further reading are good to refer to. You are a genuine, loving and caring woman and that comes across in your teachings. 


Thank you so much for sharing this gift of healing. I wish you all the best on your journey as a Reiki Teacher!"  MJ (July 2020)